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How to Save Even More

Welcome! Our Tribe is indeed a "Family" of sorts. We are here to help you on Health and Wellness Journey. These resources are available to you for ideas, recipes, discussion, and tips for using your oil collection. This list is always changing an we have no doubt as you come to love your oils you will be contributing to this list as well.

You can work through each Headline below to find the answers to common questions that might arise for you as you enter the world of doTERRA essential oils with your Wholesale Membership.


Live Chat hours with customer service: Open from 8 am-10 pm MDT M-F and 9 am-2 pm MDT Saturday and phone number 800-411-8151

And new in 2021 you have the ability to send customer service an SMS text with any direct questions you have... this comes in handy if you have quick questions and don't have time to log in to your account for the Chat feature. TEXT

Email: (email is not the quickest way to get a response)

*The DoTERRA Catalog/Product Guide:

Please download and/or print off the FAVORITE BEGINNER EO RECIPES and I HAVE MY OILS, NOW WHAT?


1. I am new to oils - what do I do now?

2. How to make roller, spray, veggie cap, use a diffuser

3. How do I order next, LRP (Rewards Monthly Ordering) 4. Safety and Photosensitivity

5. I want to host a class & get free stuff. How?

6. How to save even more with secret LRP deals

7. Oil usage guide - what is safe?

8. Educational Videos

9. Jackson, age 12, tells you what he uses video

10. Sharing & Building Doterra

11. What plastics are safe?

12. How to redeem POINTS

13. I want to help someone get what?

14. How to take the LLV - Lifelong Vitality Vitamins

15. Return Policy

16.I helped some friends enroll and I got $ from doTERRA - what for? How do I get more thank you money?

17. I Enrolled someone, now what?

18. Safety Myths debunked (Allergic to oils?, Lavender & Boys Breasts, Peppermint & Eucalyptus for children, Do Oils Expire)

19. How to Care for Diffusers

20. How to help your friends get started in doTERRA

Thank you for joining us.

Where do I begin?

1. Watch short video: Welcome Video from Jennie

2. Please download and/or print your LIVE GUIDE, your copy of MY WELLNESS PLAN, and MY WELLNESS WISHLIST HERE

3. Please download and/or print off the FAVORITE BEGINNER EO RECIPES and I HAVE MY OILS, NOW WHAT?

4. (optional and recommended) Download a mobile app called the 'Modern Essentials Plus' app for Android or I-Phones

Also, you can download a digital copy of the CATALOG here THE PRODUCT GUIDE


1. The Essential Life Book Reference Book (6th edition)

2. Fractionated Coconut Oil (for topical application and for making rollerballs)

Order through your doTERRA back office

3. 10 ml and 5 ml rollers are always good to have on hand- (I like stainless steeler rollers and the two different sizes work out well if you are making a solution for a short term issue) Oil Life has a great selection if they are not available in our doTERRA store.

PRO TIP: You may be able to find them cheaper from Amazon/China but the quality is not the same. While you are learning a quality roller will last a long time and can be re-used with proper cleaning.

4. Optional - glass spray bottles - Once you have learned to make your own fabric/linen spray or spray cleaner, you will wish you had more of these bottles on hand. I use the 4oz. and 8oz. most often. Oil Life has a great selection of these too and again the quality and value are strong.

PRO TIP: When working with pure and potent essential oils to maintain their effectiveness, it is always important to use glass containers. Plastic containers are not always compatible.

5. Optional - order additional diffusers - As an alternative to the amazing diffusers you can order from your doTERRA store Oil Life has a solid collection of fun and stylish diffusers for the home and office. Again you can find them cheaper via china and Amazon and if you would like to start there you can, but a quality diffuser will last a very long time.

(doTERRA diffusers are by far the best, but these work if you want to stock up)

✶ REMEMBER: Never order doTERRA products from Amazon or 3rd party vendors! They are not from doTERRA and not safe

Membership Rewards Option

First off, you don't have to order monthly, you can order as often as you want, whenever you want, by clicking the "create new one-time order" button.

BUT it's better to order monthly in the Loyalty Rewards Program (aka LRP).

VIDEO: What is Loyalty Rewards (quick explanation from Jill Winger)


✷ It's free to join

✷ You get free products

✷ You get shipping reimbursed as product points to buy more free product

✷ Work your way up to 30% back in rewards! I get $40+ back free every month AND free oil every month!


1. Log into your account at

2. Begin by clicking "Create New Loyalty Reward Order "(this is the only time you will do this - after your template is created and saved you will always click edit so you can change your order every month if you like).

Here are some videos to help explain how this will look

Video: How to Edit your LRP

Video: How to Process and check out of your LRP order

Video: How to redeem points

Video: Adding products to your LRP


Your cart will process every month on the date you choose, so you must update your cart or you will get the same products again. You must order at least 1 PV = $1 each month to earn the benefits in the LRP program. Don't cancel your LRP if you don't want to lose the percentage points you have accrued! If you do, you start back at 10% rewards and will lose your points! There are ideas below on what to order that are low cost if there is a month where you don't need much.


As long as your LRP order ships on or before the 15th of the month and it is 125PV or more, you'll automatically get the free Oil of the Month!

Catalog/Product Guide

How to Save Even More

To save the most, always order through the Loyalty Rewards Program (aka LRP: the monthly 'frequent flyer program')

VIDEO: What is Loyalty Rewards (quick explanation):


✷There are many LRP-only special kits (like shampoo + conditioner, the LLV Vitamin pack, etc) that allow you to get extra LRP discounted prices

✷ Buy LRP kits to stock up on your vitamins, hair care, and skincare, then cash your points in on oils!

PRO TIP: Always buy LLV, skincare, and haircare and kits, never cash in points on them because it takes more points than if you buy them- a lot more. Pay for that stuff, cash in on the rest.

✷ When you order skincare or the LLV pack via LRP, you have the option of adding on additional products for only $20! (see video below)

How to customize your Vitamins to Save even More

✷You can use your accumulated points on almost all oils and almost all products that are not in premade kits, the exception being diffusers, limited-time-only items (like holiday specials), and Melissa & Roman Chamomile) All else is fair game!


How to redeem free credits

How to edit cart

How do I redeem Credit Points

Video How to redeem points


✷ Click the USE POINTS box next to each item and choose how many you want free of that item. If there is no box in the points column, you can't redeem points on it. You must have enough points to pay for the item in full. You do not apply a partial points amount to an item.

✷ You MUST check out immediately when cashing in points. You cannot save your cart with points redeemed. Click process now and continue checking out.

✷Items you cannot use points on Diffusers, specialty kits like Enrollment kits, Holiday Items, Limited Time Offers, Limited Quantity Offers. You can use points on 98% of what doTERRA sells.

✷ When a special priced set is redeemed with points, they will take the points for the full price, for example, Lifelong Vitality is a special price in the LRP monthly cart of $79.50 but it's normally $150, so if you cash in points, it will take $150 so don't cash in points on that, buy it outright for the special $79.50 extra discounted price.

✷ The REDEMPTION FEE is only a flat $3. Save your points and cash them at once. They expire in 12 months. You aren't paying for the product and your shipping is being credited back. The fee covers them putting the package together and shipping it out.

Safety when using Essential Oils

Essential oil Safety and practical use

Essential Oil Safety

Here are a few things you'll want to keep in mind when you are learning how to use essential oils:

Essential Oil Safety Guidelines

  1. Avoid applying oils to sensitive areas like the nose, ears, eyes, or broken skin. Avoid using “hot oils” on the face.*

  2. Always read labels and package instructions before using an essential oil for the first time.

  3. Use dilution to minimize skin sensitivity.

  4. Be aware of oils with sun sensitivity warnings.

  5. Practice safe storage—keep oils out of reach of children.

  6. Always supervise young children when applying essential oils.

  7. If you have specific health concerns, talk to a healthcare professional before trying essential oils.

*Hot oils or strong oils include Cassia oil, Cinnamon Bark oil, Clove oil, Oregano oil, Thyme oil, and others.

Learn more about best practices for essential oils here:

Essential Oil Safety Guide

How do I take the Supplements, Softgels, and Beadlets?

VIDEO you can share on Lifelong Vitality Pack Vitamin directions and tips

doTERRA blog post all about the supplements:


Take 1 of each for 2 days after breakfast or lunch. Then increase to 2 of each after breakfast or lunch. Over time you can increase to the full dose of 4 of each a day per the box instructions and split the dose up to 2 of each after breakfast or lunch and 2 of each after supper. Take daily.


DEEP BLUE PILLs - for pain

- Take one AM AND PM (not on empty stomach) or as needed. - - Take Daily for chronic pain.

PB ASSIST -Probiotic for optimum good bacteria for your gut. Take Daily.

TERRAZYME - Helps you digest food better and absorb nutrients better for optimum gut health - super important for anyone with any skin conditions at all. Take Daily.

GX ASSIST - gut cleanser - clears out the bad to make way for the good. Don't take PB assist at the same time, take this then add PB assist back in. Take for no more than ten days. Start very slow with this one. 1 a day for ten days the first time you take it. It's good to take once a quarter. If you have auto-immune, it's good to take for 10 days out of each month. It cleans out your gut. Mildly. Always take with food.

ONGUARD SOFTGELS - For immunity. You can take daily but I save these for when I need additional immunity boost like travel, when others are sick around me or at the first sign of feeling run down.

DIGESTZEN SOFTGELS - For Digestive anything. Can be taken daily or as needed.

ZENDOCRINE SOFTGELS - For all organ support, healthy cholesterol, healthy thyroid, healthy hormones. Do not take after 3 pm - may give you energy. Can be taken daily.

SERENITY SOFTGELS - 1-2 before bed for sleep or daytime for focus and calming. Can be taken daily.

BEADLETS - as many as you like as often as you like. My son takes 1-4 daily. 1-2 in the am and 1-2 in the pm. I take 3-4 at a time as I feel like it. Onguard for immunity and Peppermint for digestive. My goal is 2-4 daily. Can be taken daily

TRIEASE - take 1 am/pm with breakfast and supper to help with seasonal allergies. Take no later than supper, peppermint may keep you awake. You can take up to 3-4 daily if needed. The Goal is to take LLV and other supplements to improve gut health to where you won't need these days in the future.

LLV Lifelong Vitality Vitamin Pack is for EVERYTHING!

*General Wellness & Vitality

*Antioxidant & DNA Protection

*Energy Metabolism

*Bone Health

*Immune Function

*Stress Management

*Cardiovascular Health

*Healthy Hair, Skin, Nails

*Eye, Brain, Nervous System

*Liver Function & Digestive Health

*Lung & Respiratory Health

*Gentle on your stomach

*Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free

How to Use Essential Oils

We can use essential oils in 3 ways:

Aromatically, Topically, and Internally

So much information out there... What to Trust?

Social Media... it has made us anything but more social and there is very little vetting of information and fact checking is dubious at best. But if you have come this far you have Trust in Us, and we Trust these additional Resources for your learning and viewing pleasure..

Here are some of our favorites to get you started!


Antioxidant Support with Dr. Tory Parker

Athletes Kit

Gardening with Essential Oils

Gastrointestinal Health with Dr. David Steuer

Home Care Cleaning with Onguard Oil

Immune System Support

Kids & Essential Oils

Pregnancy & Essential Oils

Respiratory Health - ​

Sleep & Essential Oils - ​

Weight Loss with Dr. Damian Rodriguez - ​

Women's Health with Dr. Gregory L. Woodfill - ​


Breathe Respiratory Blend

Digestzen Digestive Blend

Frankincense Oil

Lavender Oil - ​

Lemon Oil - ​

Melaleuca Oil - ​

Onguard Protective Blend -

Oregano Oil - ​

Peppermint Oil - ​

Use and Maintenance for your Diffusers

To clean:

Add a 1/4 tsp of white vinegar to your diffuser every month and run for 10-15 minutes

You can do this weekly for optimal results

I use my diffusers almost every day during 2020 and I went from a "every couple of months" diffuser cleaner to a weekly cleaner. For me, I just "stacked this new habit" onto my weekly plant watering. I run each diffuser with a small measure of vinegar while I'm watering my plants and then I wipe them out and fill them up with something wonderful, like a citrus oil or Balance.

But your Diffusers will last longer if you take better care of them and clean them regularly.

To Fill a Standard Diffuser:

500 ml diffuser = 15-20 drops EO total

300 ml diffuser = 10-15 drops EO total

100 ml diffuser = 3-6 EO total drops ( this is your small to medium size diffuser)

These will vary depending on the potency of your oils.

For example, Lemongrass and Cassia are very strong smelling oils so you can use fewer drops.

I always recommend starting with a smaller number of drops and add more if you prefer.

Learn more about the Petal Diffuser

Learn more about the Lumo Diffuser


...should I order for them on my account or should I help them get their own?**


Don't just order for them. Sure you can order for them and earn the points and shipping on your account... But you aren't helping them learn how to fish for themselves and we want everyone to be empowered to be healthy... So, help them learn why it's best to get their own wholesale account, including our education and support.

The sooner they start ordering in the LRP monthly rewards cart the sooner they can start working towards earning their 30% rewards. Plus, they can't get into this Members Only group to learn if they don't have their own account and we can help you educate and support them.

To help them best, keep it as simple as possible!


Email or screen shoot them the pamphlet pages in the files tab of this group or in the images below (normally just send the panel with the kits and the panel with how to order).


Suggest one of the kits - it saves them the most $$ and then they don't have to pay a membership fee to start. It's what's best for them. If $150 or more is out of their budget, see the page in the files tab called "enrollment kits for less". They enroll with the $35 fee and then add on the kit. The item numbers are on the sheet.

Video to send to someone who is wanting oils:




Upgrade your account to Wellness Advocate Account if it isn't already by going to​, click your name and account profile. Click upgrade to Wellness Advocate, enter your info. (it's all free).


While in the account profile, scroll down to the website section.

> Click on "My Site Address"

> Click on Save Changes to activate your FREE doTERRA website. > Save that website name and send it to your friends to join through your site.

> Make sure they use your website and your doTERRA ID so you get credit.

***In order to get commissions from doTERRA, you must have 100 PV saved in your Loyalty Rewards template and spend 100 PV monthly. If you aren't worried about that, you can still enroll them anyway, you just won't earn any commission from doTERRA

Video: How doTERRA Compensates You


Did you know a class can be a One-on-One meeting or a room full of your friends and family!!

Reach out to the person that enrolled you to help you schedule an essential oil get-together with your friends.

If they don't teach classes, comment below and I'll get in touch with you and we can help arrange a class!

****I will travel to where you are... wherever that is if you have a class of at least 5 new people who are interested in learning about the Wellness Lifestyle with doTERRA.

To teach a class yourself, order a Class in a Box from doTERRA to get all the materials you need and even a DVD to help you teach your first class with confidence.

VIDEOS on how to host & teach a class, as well as free downloadable handouts can be found here


VIDEO: How DoTERRA thanks you and compensates you for sharing and helping others enroll in their own wholesale accounts and helping them join LRP WATCH VIDEO HERE

Remember: In order to receive thank you money from dōTERRA, you must order 100 PV in your LRP and keep 100 PV in your LRP at all times to have an account that receives compensation. As you introduce others to open their own accounts with all of the membership benefits you will soon be earning credit or compensation to help pay for your supplements and products or replace or add to your monthly income.