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We are a Tribe! A family by choice and a team of like-minded individuals each with their own journey to finding a healthy lifestyle. These individual and unique journeys of discovery have given us insight into the many challenges each of us has overcome and you may encounter.

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Our community of Team Leaders has the education and training to complete our coaching arsenal – allowing us to provide you with the tools and methods you need to achieve your healthy lifestyle goals.

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Why Ditch and Switch out with Diffusers?

Featured Story

He's a sprinter, bobsledder, skeleton athlete, AND a doTERRA Performance Advocate who uses our products daily! Watch the video and learn all about Akwasi Frimpona, the Olympian who can give you real life insight to the power of doTERRA's essential oils.And below are a few of the most notable tips I found from listening to him share:1. He uses the Lifelong Vitality Pack every morning, especially since he travels so much-- it helps keep his system stable.2. He also uses On Guard softgels everyday to help boost his immune system.3. It's no surprise that he loves Deep Blue, but I WAS interested to hear that he actually likes to apply it BEFORE his races to fire up his legs and get them ready.4. He likes to apply Frankincense to his hamstrings after a workout to aid in recovery5. He puts peppermint in his helmet before a race to increase his mental awareness and he also likes to use it for jet lag.6. And he relies on Digestzen to keep is digestive system strong and healthy, since he eats a lot of different foods in international locations. (He puts 1 drop in a glass of water before mealtime.)

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Essential Oils

  • Jessica K. Zion, IL shared: "A couple weeks ago I developed allergies and sinus pressure. My head was pounding and I felt a ton of pressure. After some talking and research I found a solution. 2 drops each, Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Oregano + Coconut Oil in a Veggie Cap. In 20 minutes my nose started to drain. It’s been 3 days now and the pressure is almost gone. I feel so much better and I am so happy to have this healthy fix with my oils. 😁 "

  • Jennie K. Antioch, IL shared: "Life changing effect for my emotional support! There were so many events I missed out on and so many opportunities to visit with family that were lost because of my social anxiety. Since using the Grounding Blend - Balance in my personal diffuser necklace or in my charm on my bracelet, I have been able to reconnect with my friends and no longer avoid family gatherings! This oil alone has changed my life.. but so many others have helped manage stress and help with our sleep and more. This is why I am passionate about helping others experience these oils for themselves."

Life Long Vitality & Supplements

  • Jenny says: “You know those aches and pains you get from getting up after sitting for awhile? Well I don’t get those anymore.” She recently hopped on the 30 day challenge and is being changed daily from the Lifelong Vitality Pack and allowing her body to use her oils and oil products more efficiently and effectively because of how the LLV goes in and does all the dirty work!

  • Danielle says she no longer has those 2pm energy dips.

  • Vicki says per bodily pain has greatly been minimized and she just feels like she can think more clearly.

  • Chelsea said she has minimal to no lower back pain, she has a much better memory, and her body responds better to outside stressors. " This supplement pack gives us what we can’t give ourselves.. If you were to try your best to duplicate this at a health food store you’d spend well over $300 when the Lifelong Vitality Pack is $80 from dōTERRA."

  • Julie W shared: " I can tell the difference when I don’t take them! Much more energy!! I just got my sister started too! "

  • Angie W. shared: "I love my LLV. Has given me more energy, I feel balanced emotionally, mentally and physically. No more sluggish feeling in the middle of the afternoon!"

  • Vickie C. shared : "Ten days ago I started taking Mito2Max (one per day) and the Life Long Vitality Pack (one of each last week, and increased to two of each this week). For years I've been a stickler about taking a daily women's complete multivitamin in addition to vitamin D3 and biotin and am still doing so along with the M2M and LLV. I have noticed increased energy, the ability to once again multitask like a pro, more positive thinking, and my right knee doesn't hurt like it use to! Now, this could all be just my imagination (placebo effect?)... I really don't think so. Time will tell if I refine the current regimen in any way. For now I'm staying the course.

  • Katie said : " PB Assist Jr. has been a lifesaver when it comes to my daughter's skin! I'm so thankful to have found a natural solution!"

  • With this Grateful Mom's permission I am sharing her testimony for speech protocol ( -5 drops DDR Prime oil, doTERRA Frankinscense in 10ml Roller topped off with FCO, applied to base of skull and on bottoms of his feet. 2X's a day. " Y’all!!! My son Luke is a nonverbal 6 year old with Down syndrome. Today makes exactly 1 week of the speech protocol I started on him. And, to be honest, Life is really busy & I haven’t applied it everyday twice a day like I’m supposed to. BUT... tonight... tonight, Luke said ANOTHER word!! (Last week (3 days after starting protocol) he said “eat” for the first time.) Luke has NEVER said “more” - until now!!!! We were eating, and I asked if he wanted more to eat (and I signed “more.”) Instead of signing “more” back to me, Luke said it! TONIGHT LUKE SAID “MORE”! I asked my husband if he heard Luke say “more”, he didn’t so he asked me to get Luke to say it again. Guess what? Luke said it again SEVERAL more times! Wowzers! I am blown away!" Momma in tears and full of hope!